Feb. 19, 2010-Starts filming today on fox’s hit show “LIE TO ME” for 7 days. All scenes are with TIM ROTH.

Feb. 16, 2010-Very good news for Alvaro Orlando today! He gets cast as Orlando Lima, a young fearless South American underground fighter. The show is called “Lie To Me” on FOX, led by film icon TIM ROTH. He also got Taft-Hartleyed and is officially SAG Eligible as of today.

Feb. 13, 2010-Just arrived in L.A. and is officially finished working on the feature film called “Stripped”, which has national distribution and is in talks for limited theatrical release.

Feb. 3, 2010-Alvaro arrives at L.A.X.  Today he is officially wrapped with “Drive By Chronicles Nikky and Jackie”(which will be out in blockbuster June) and starts filming “Stripped”. He is doing 2 feature film back to back and is starting 2010 very strong!

Feb. 2, 2010-Last day of shooting. Alvaro has been extremely lucky to get the chance to play a character like “Mariposa” and says that he had the time of his life diving into this character and bringing her to life and is now getting ready for his next film.

Jan. 20, 2010-He is in Mexico ready to start filming”Drive By Chronicles Nikky and Jackie”. Alvaro gets cast as “Mariposa” a fortune teller transvestite that controls the neighborhood. This is the second time working with award winning director Kenny Castillo.

Current Projects

Drive By Chronicles: Sidewayz

Drive By Chronicles - Featuring Alvaro Orlando

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Alvaro Orlando Reel Alvaro Orlando Reel


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